Cone Lite

High quality, low maintenance.

The use of L.E.D. Technology greatly reduces the need for bulb replacement.

Advanced integrated circuit gives greater efficiency and reliability.

Operational costs are reduced by the elimination of the need for a cone bracket.

The compact design means that the body does not encroach onto the reflective sleeve on the cone.

The body consists of a single polythene moulding which is 50% thicker giving robust body strength.

The material has excellent low temperature tolerance, greatly reducing impact cracking.

The Cone Lite has an internally mounted on/off switch activated by placing it on top of the cone.

The lamp has an override switch, which enables it to be switched off when on the cone.

Lexan polycarbonate lens.

Single battery.

Requires no bolt, keys or cone brackets.

Conforms to BS3143 Part 2 1990.