Horizontal Bend and Twist

For lateral restraint against wind pressure and suction. Tie timber to brickwork or blockwork at floor level, eaves or ridge level.

Made from heavy duty, edge coated galvanised mild steel.
Horizontal restraint straps are available in stainless steel to special order.

In masonry, use hardened nails or wall plugs and screws. In timber use 8 swg x 75mm nails or No. 12 x 50mm wood screws. Where there is a gap between the wall and the joist running parallel to it, and a strap is being used across the joists, the gap should be packed and noggins provided between joists being secured.

Manufactured from galvanised steel.
6mm holes at 25mm offset centres.

Straps can be cut, bent and twisted to your requirements. Quote

1. Type: Heavy Strap
2. Overall length
3. Distance to bends and twists - all from one end.